APPLES (fuji)


Fruits are the healthiest, the tastiest and most colorful of all foods. All fruits are low in fat and full of vitamins and fibers. Fruits help to fight cancer and heart disease.

The trade in fresh fruit is characterized by its lack of clarity. Fruit traders have to make a choice between numerous possibilities from countries around the world, each with its own quality, shelf life, transit time and veterinary regulations and packing options.

To make the best choice in this chaos, a clear global view is necessary. Having thorough knowledge of the products and transportation, coupled with impeccable timing is essential. Houz International has this knowledge and uses it for her clients in advice, offers and logistics.

Customized branding

For almost all fresh fruit, Houz International offers a large variety of customized branding for little or no extra cost. Would you like your own brand of fruit? Would you like product information in your language or labels on the fruit? Houz International makes it all possible.

Please ask for specific options for your company.

Houz International is your gateway to the food markets of the world!