In the philosophy of Houz International B.V., the client should not be troubled with all the difficulties in international trade. Solving issues concerning quality, language, transportation, warehousing, documentation, insurance, financing and, most important, picking reliable partners from the maze of suppliers is our business and responsibility.

Houz International delivers the produce as agreed, not problems, worries or excuses.

Our core values are:

• Reliability in every aspect
• Relationship, long-term and mutual beneficial
• Respect for contracts and agreements
• Resourcefulness in finding solutions
• Responsibility for the entire process from origin to client

Houz International B.V.

The trading process starts in the country of origin. Through our excellent sourcing system, with people on the spot, we locate the best suppliers. By being in constant contact with many suppliers from different origin we derive the best option for our clients at that moment. Houz International purchasers assure good quality and hygienic production and transport.
In dialogue with both supplier and customer we arrange the packing, logistics and sales conditions of your preference. In many cases we can offer marketing services like having your logo on the products. Please ask for the possibilities.
Our logistics department arranges inland warehousing, shipping and warehousing and distribution in the country of destination as agreed upon with the client.
Throughout the whole process the trade department keeps contact with all actors in the chain and supervises the project to guarantee immaculate fulfilling of the contract.